Kindergarten – grade 12

PEREC’s K-12 educational initiatives include the award winning school2bay, which has provided Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences for over 40,000 students in Prince William County and 25,000 students in Fairfax County.

Following NOAA’s guidelines, a program qualifies as a meaningful watershed experience when it:

  • is investigative or project oriented
  • is an integral part of the instructional program
  • is part of a sustained activity
  • considers the watershed as a system
  • is enhanced by NOAA products, services, or personnel, where appropriate


In 2012, the Virginia Mathematics & Science Coalition recognized Prince William County’s From the Mountains to the Estuary: From the Schoolyards to the Bay award as a “Program That Works“, an award that recognizes effective student and teacher educational programs.

In 2011, the Chesapeake Bay Education Partners (which includes PEREC) won Prince William County’s Business Partnership Award.

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