Providing Watershed Education to 100,000 Kids and Counting


Providing Support to Local Teachers


Providing Mason Students with Teaching Experience

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Community Recognition

Winner of the 2016 Jack Wood Award for Town Gown Relations
Winner of the 2014  Fairfax County Environmental Excellence Award

Who Do We Partner With?

PEREC partners with school districts, state and federal agencies as well as local and national non-profit environmental organizations to deliver award-winning watershed educational programs.

Since 2009, we have delivered Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences (MWEEs) to over 40,000 students Prince William County and over 35,000 students in Fairfax County Public Schools. Additionally, PEREC takes part in special events such as Water Quality Day and the School Environmental Action Showcase, which reach well over 1,000 youths each year. Preservice and inservice K12 teacher trainings (e.g.Energy, Sustainable Ecosystems, Watersheds) and curriculum development opportunities are offered as well.

Potomac Science Center

PEREC’s outreach capacity expanded with the highly anticipated opening of the Potomac Science Center in fall 2017. Located along the Occoquan River in Belmont Bay, the center provides GMU researchers direct access to local ecosystems. The Center offers immersive educational opportunities for students, researchers, local leaders and community members.